Melissa Richardson was sickly all her life. On top of her poor health she felt the full effects of anxiety and depression. The series of hardships culminated with the diagnosis of cancer during the ending of her marriage. She felt Western medicine had not only failed her, but had made her more sick. 
20 years later, she's healthy, full of life, and happy. The cause for the transformation? The practices of energy medicine. She experienced the full benefits of the practice and now wants others to as well. She wrote "The Road to Gratitude", a book containing all the best practices and information that has helped turn her life completely upside down. 
Responsible for the entirety of the production: pre-production (storyboarding, scriptwriting), production (interview, videography) and post-production (editing, color grading, sound design, motion graphics).
Melissa Richardson is a small business owner based in San Luis Obispo County, California. 

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