The client, a NYC-based Italian deli called Alidoro, needed an animation that communicated their nation-wide presence (thanks to their partner, a shipping service called Goldbelly). I animated their logo, a pair of wings, to fly out from NYC to the various locations where they've delivered in 2020. The initial chaos heightens the sense that Alidoro has been very busy delivering to customers not just in NYC but across the nation. 
I made their animation for their Instagram, Instagram story, Facebook, and Twitter, creating videos respective of each platform's preferred aspect ratio. The posted version is for their Instagram (1:1 aspect ratio).
The Story of the Animation
Assets given:
The initial request from the client was to have bread emojis pop up from the various delivery sites. I created a quick graphic as part of my proposal, including dotted trailing lines to indicate travel.
The client changed their mind and decided to have their logo pop up instead. I used a camera to zoom in on 3 different regions to give each pop more attention. 
The client then decided to rather have the logo travel across the U.S. from NYC to each location, and to only have a few logos represent each state they delivered to. I offered to animate the logo so it would flap. The client wanted the trailing dotted line, just as in the proposed graphic. I created one animated wing to illustrate what the flapping logo would look like. 
To pay tribute to the shipment service provider, Goldbelly, that delivered all these sandwiches across the nation, the client wanted the colors in the animation to match Goldbelly's bright blue and red. After a few tweaks I matched the colors to Goldbelly's logo. 
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